How to get from and to Tivat in Montenegro? Bus, transfer, taxi

Public transport is a convenient option, but not entirely comfortable and not always even budgetary, since tickets must be bought for all participants in the trip. It happens that for a group of 3-4 people it is cheaper to use an intercity taxi. On the service you can check the prices for such trips, and if you don’t find something, you can always ask a question and check the cost with a specific carrier.

Montenegro Taxi for Beginners – Total Montenegro News

Montenegro Taxi for Beginners.

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More or less equivalent is the route from Tivat airport to Kotor. There is a chance to catch a taxi for the price of a transfer or even 1 € ≈ 1.05 $, 0.86 £, 3.86 Dh, 18.24 ₺ cheaper. Truth be told, I overpaid 3 € ≈ 3.15 $, 2.58 £, 11.58 Dh, 54.72 ₺ the second time. The car can be ordered by phone or via messengers. The Internet at Montenegrin airports seems to be there, but I have never seen it work in the summer. That is, they do not change almost every day, like the cost of housing, tours or car rental.

Courteous uniformed taxi drivers will welcome you, provide a personal and professional service and ensure you arrive promptly and safely to your destination. I’ve booked a taxi in advance several times already and it’s very convenient. I used to bargain with local taxi drivers at Tivat airport. It was annoying and the price was still higher than if you book online. During the season, taxi prices in Montenegro rise slightly, but most often the cost of a taxi in different companies is in the same range.

Look out for a license plate starting with either ‘PG’ -should you arrive at the airport in Podgorica -or ‘TV’ arriving at the Tivat airport. You can book a transfer safely and easily with Book Taxi Montenegro using Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Visa and Visa Electron or PayPal. Our website uses a secure bank system to process payments.

According to Montenegrin laws, each taxi company can operate only in the territory of the region in which it is registered. Therefore, only Tivat taxi companies can pick up from Tivat airport, and Podgoritsky ones from Podgorica. Of course, the exception will be the case when a specific person ordered a taxi. That is, the machine does not pick up anyone who wants it, but waits for a specific client. Thus, according to the law, you can order a Podgorica taxi to Tivat. Although Tivat taxi drivers follow such things very strictly.

Taxi Rates

The towns of Petrovac, Bar, and Sutomore will be perfectly suitable for those who prefer quiet holidays and beach resorts. Meet-up instructions are given in the voucher confirming your booking. If you have not received the email with the confirmation, please contact our manager by email at
or in online chat. After you make your booking, you will receive a confirmation email with a voucher containing your booking number and all the details of your journey. You filled in the request, but it has not been posted yet.

You can get cheaper cab only in Podgorica or in spring / autumn. The driver will help you with your bags before and after the trip. If you are not sure about the address in Montenegro, just ask your driver to call the hotel or apartment, and they will find it out for you.

If you want, taxi drivers can tip about 10% of the total price of the trip. Podgorica airport on the map- away from sea ​​coast, 1 to 2 hour drive to the resorts, there are many regular and year-round flights. Tivat airport on the map- located by the sea bay, close to the resorts, mostly charters fly here, does not work at night. In the off-season it can cost 35 euros, and in summer time on average, the price is euros from different services for an ordinary passenger car. There is no bus service from Podgorica airport to the center / bus station now, it’s a long walk to go there, don’t even try.

Taxi transfers from Montenegro

It is clearly and unequivocally stated that the prices are final and fixed and without hidden costs and surcharges … Terrae-Taxi is synonymous for a taxi in Montenegro and Budva which provides safety, corporate responsibility, comfort, and relaxing ride. Also we are perfectly familiar with all cities in Montenegro and region, we can drive you anywhere you need. In crowded places, it may easily happen that someone else walks into your taxi, which would leave you waiting for no reason. But, when a driver knows your name, and you know a number of your taxi vehicle, then you are making sure that your reservation is definitely yours.

These things should not be kept in the bag with clothes. If you travel to a different city or abroad by plane, you will have to check in your luggage. If it gets lost you won’t be able to check in at the hotel.

And they can simply lock up the Podgorica taxi with cars, they can block his way. Therefore, each company tries to work in its region. Therefore, in order to avoid such “delays” when departing, it is necessary to order a local car. Different to a local taxi service, our transfers have fixed prices, and there are no extra charges for a greeting sign or luggage assistance.

Tesla Taxi is a young and dynamic taxi company that has been on the market for about 5 years now. The company is unique in the sense that they operate a fleet of Tesla electrical automobiles and have a mobile app similar to Uber or Lyft. They also specialize in excursions to the interior regions of Montenegro and neighboring countries. They are reliable and have a good price for what they provide. And the most important thing is that they are honest – they don’t ramp up prices because your are a tourist. Taxi fares can be higher from May to October with some taxi companies at about 1,30€ per kilometer and 1,00€ per km during all other months.

If it’s delayed we will find out and meet you right on time. All in all, this is the best transfer service in Budva and the only one with a new Mercedes S class. If you are looking to travel in a stately fashion, give them a try. Select the appropriate transfer vehicle class and click on “select” to proceed to the booking. Taxi in Montenegro is practically an alternative to public transport. The locals are actively using it, because taxis are quite cheap.

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Cities in Montenegro are tiny, and therefore it’s one price. You left the airport and the driver is already waiting with a sign. You immediately get into the car and drive off.

We’ve visited almost the whole country and we know it well. It is essential to keep your taxi receipt as it contains all the information you will be asked for (date, price, taxi registration number, etc.). In each vehicle you can use free WiFi and through Bluetooth, you can turn on music from your phone. Our hybrid vehicles will surprise you with quietness and comfort and make you feel responsible for our beautiful nature.

All of them are relatively the same and differ only in prices and available cars. The main drawback of the transfer is that it must be ordered in advance. I always forget to do so and sometimes overpay for a taxi.

Best Restaurants in Montenegro

What is also important, it is possible to find out and select a driver with knowledge of a certain language. It’s no secret that long-distance trips are like mini excursions and a local driver on the way can tell a lot of new and interesting things, as well as advise what to see and where to visit. Some taxi companies in Podgorica accept bank card payments; however, it is always best to ask your driver beforehand. Nevertheless, if you prefer to travel at a fixed price with a private transfer company, you can pre-book and pay for your trip online.

How much does a transfer and taxi cost in Montenegro

Our Complete Website Solution frees up the time, cost and technical expertise required to build and operate your own successful online travel business. A driver will be assigned to you approximately one day before departure. You’ll get his phone number via SMS or email (depending on where you booked the transfer). You can only book when you are already 100% sure that you are flying to your destination.

But you do not bother and book a transfer in advance. I may dissapoint you, but in practice it’s not so simple. I warn you right away that I do not promise to keep this collection up to date. But numbers of taxi companies rarely change, so at least some will work. In summer, in all tourist places, the maximum fare is usually 1-1.5 € ≈ 1.05 $, 0.86 £, 3.86 Dh, 18.24 ₺ per km.

Should you need an airport or intercity transfer from Kotor, ‘Boka Travel’ is probably the best company to do the job. They have been operating for about 15 years and have a modern fleet of Mercedes vans and minibuses to bring you safely to your destination. We can even check if the flight is delayed or cancelled. taxi montenegro If you want to book vehicles of Premium class or Minibus 10, 13, 16, 19 pax, you can make a booking not less than 24 hours before the trip. Choose the suitable transfer class and click “Book” to proceed to the booking. You will not get from Tivat to Petrovac directly by bus, as you will have to change in Budva.

We have a chance to see Turkic and Byzantine heritage here. Tourists can visit the mountain monasteries of Ostrog and Morača or The Cetinje Monastery. Worth visiting are Old Cities (fortresses, in fact) of Kotor, Herceg Novi and Budva, the beautiful closed island resort of Sveti Stefan, and Podgorica – the capital of Montenegro.

Orahovac TAXI

You should call for a taxi upon arrival at the airport. It costs 1-3 € ≈ 1.05 $, 0.86 £, 3.86 Dh, 18.24 ₺. For all 8 years of traveling around Montenegro, I have never seen the Internet work at the airport.

Packed with beautiful architecture, outstanding green spaces and fascinating historical sights, Podgorica is Montengro’s capital city and a European destination you must visit. As there is much to do and see in town, the best way to get around is in a Podgorica taxi. There is a law in Montenegro by which you are not obliged to pay for any service or product for which you have not received a fiscal receipt.

Usually it is enough to write in Viber or WhatsApp. Each driver will always have a sign with your name on it. It’s how the transfer companies call the crumpled A4 sheet. On all other routes (if you travel more than 5-10 minutes), the transfer is usually cheaper.

All companies that sell transfers promise English-speaking drivers. In practice, some are almost fluent, most are average, but all are able to communicate in basic English. In reality, drivers are at the airport about half an hour before your arrival. The main disadvantage of the transfer is that it must be booked in advance.

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