Oriental Wedding Customs Explained

There are plenty of aspects to consider when planning a great Asian wedding, by choosing a site that is right for your special working day to learning the meaning behind some of the a large number of Asian wedding party traditions. Thankfully, this article, written by high-class wedding planner hot asian women and stylist Emma Murray-Jones will aid you to understand some of the most crucial customs and traditions that are included in an Asian wedding, so that you can get the most out of your special day!


Before the wedding ceremony commences, it is traditionally designed for the soon-to-be husband to visit the bride’s family at home where he might always be presented with Dans le cas où Dian Jin (literally 4 pieces of gold). This represents his gift with her and also demonstrates that he is rendering her which has a stable economical long term future.

Once the formalities will be over, it can time for the ‘Hui Men’ to take place. This is when the soon-to-be husband is presented with a whole roast this halloween (although a few modern couples choose to substitute this with canned pig trotters) which is then split up into three sections; the head, central and butt. The middle section is given https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-of-the-most-romantic-songs to the bride’s family while the head and tail will be taken back to the groom’s, symbolising a union between the 2 families. That is followed by a tea ceremony for the bride’s close relatives where dark tea having a Double Pleasure sign can be served together with a dish of longans, lotus seeds, purple dates and glutinous grain balls.

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