Polish Wedding Tradition

One of the most special days of your life can be coming up and you want everything to end up being perfect. Nonetheless there are so many circumstances to think of and plan for ~ it can be quite overwhelming. But were you aware that there are some Polish wedding practices that can make your day a lot more magical and unique?

The most important wedding is the marriage ceremony itself nonetheless there are also some other traditions that may come as a surprise to you personally. One of them is oczepiny, a tradition where the bride will take off her veil at midnight and replace it with a very cap called chusta. This symbolized hot eastern-european girl the transition of a bride from first to married woman. It was also a means for her showing that she wanted to continue her youngsters and not grow old too fast.

This ceremony was usually saved in the bride’s family residence and the bride’s parents welcomed the couple with bread, salt and images of vodka. Additionally, they threw silver and gold coins over the bride and groom, a tradition that harkens back to a tender time and suitable prosperity just for the couple.

Yet another thing that might surprise you is the fact that that the guests give their dreams to the few, placing them in a particular box called “koperta”. The wishes may be whatever from a good life and good health to money and children. A number of the wishes is often rather extravagant but it is all in great fun.

A few weeks prior to wedding the mloda para (a category of friends and family who also carry the bridal bouquet) will visit all the households in the village to invite these to the wedding. This is a huge difference from the American tradition of sending away invitations through mail.

When the marriage commemoration is over the bride and groom your reception hall followed by their parents. The first dish served is often soup – a traditional Polish chicken soup known as “rosol” or something equivalent. It is designed to warm up your stomach ahead of the vodka injections that will be served all night. In that case smaller discs of different Shine https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=ms.c.eJw9y8kJADEMA8COguUrUv~_NLTHZfAcGnsEmsyTsbQsXOND9g8K7mM4Hh8qoCzJMqXhQU9AfJnUUxw~-~-.bps.a.1243868629325125&type=1 meals are served. The tables are full of food as well as the dinner can last until the early morning if you want it to.


Once everyone is sitting down, the maitre’d or group leader makes announcement the parents. They may then head to their place on the head table.

The rest of the guests can then arrive at the places and begin eating. The first plate served is actually soups and the second will be a bigger serving of numerous types of Polish lean meats with potatoes or salads. Another plate will be desserts.

In addition to all the meals the Develope like to have fun at all their weddings and play games. For instance , the groom throws his tie to any or all the bachelor at the wedding and the person who grabs it will be sure to get married within a year. The men can also help to make a complete fools of themselves by wearing women’s stockings more than their mind and choosing who the actual best encounter.

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